Tar Monsters and Tarmageddon!

Hi Tar-Monster Trashers,

Last week saw a flurry of tar sands actions for International Stop the Tar Sands Day all over the world. As well as catching a Tar Monster in the streets of Oxford we marked the day by being part of the launch of the new film ‘Taking on Tarmageddon.’ The UKTSN team are now busy getting ready to work with our friends from Alaska and Canada to confront Shell at their AGM in two weeks. Next Friday we will be having a pre-AGM event in London to hear from communities impacted by Shell – it will be an amazing evening to meet fellow tar-stoppers!

1. International Stop the Tar Sands Day – Monster Hunts
2. ‘Taking on Tarmageddon’ hits the screens
3. Time to tell Shell to Get Out!
4. Still time to vote for BP…

We can’t wait to see you all next Friday!

Sue, Emily, Jess and Ruthi


1. International Stop the Tar Sands Day – Monster Hunts

This Saturday in we joined thousands of people all over the world marking both International Stop the Tar Sands Day and 350.org’s Climate Impacts Day (aka Connect the Dots). Working with the lovely people of Lush Oxford (who market ISTSDay in their store throughout the day) and local 350.org activists, we had fun chasing the oily Tar Monster all over Cornmarket, to the surprised gaze of bemused onlookers. When we finally had it contained – using a big ‘No Tar Sands’ banner! – we talked with the good people of Oxford and told them about our plan of declaring Oxford a Tar Free Town. We will formally launch this initiative in June, so stay tuned for details about when and where this public meeting will happen.

Meanwhile in London, we joined the Occupy Energy, Environment and Equity Group and 350.org to connect the dots at St Paul’s Cathedral with a giant game of twister, followed by a travelling guerilla film screening! Read all about it here. Also, make sure to grab a look at 350.org’s moving film documenting the growing global movement acting against climate change.

2. ‘Taking on Tarmageddon’ hits the screens

On Sunday we joined People and Planet and Campbell Road Productions for the premiere screening of ‘Taking on Tarmageddon’. The film tells the story of the exchange which took place between P and P activists and community members from Beaver Lake. The film is a powerful reminder of the power and importance of the solidarity work between communities resisting the tar sands and activists committed to challenging Big Oil. If you want to organise your own Tarmageddon screening the good people of P and P are distributing the film for free!

3. Time to tell Shell to Get Out!

Next Friday we will be pulling out all the stops to host community members from Canada and Alaska to share with us first hand the impacts of Shell’s hellish plans and for the launch of a shiny new report. This will be a great chance to meet fellow tar sands activists and shell campaigners in the run up the AGM on May 22nd. We would really appreciate if you could spread the word about the event. It starts at 7:30pm at Toynbee hall, there will be free drinks! If you are planning on attending the Shell AGM in London do get in touch with us [email protected]

4. Still time to vote for BP…

If you haven’t already, head on over to greenwashgold.org and vote for BP as the worst Olympic sponsor. The site is also sporting a new blog post about the BP or not BP guerilla Shakespeare performance and an update on Rio Tinto from Cherise Udell from Utah Moms for Clean Air. Incidentally, Utah is also the latest hotspot for new tar sands developments – we may well end up working more with these folks in the future…

As the Olympics approach we are starting to think about how we will award BP with its Greenwash medal, so if you have any ideas let us know!

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