About Us

The UK Tar Sands Network campaigns in partnership with Indigenous communities affected by the Tar Sands oil developments in Canada. We target governments, UK companies, banks and investors operating in the Alberta Tar Sands.

We work with climate activists, environmental NGOs, policymakers, student campaigning groups, and anyone else who is concerned about the impacts of Tar Sands. We are also working with other EU groups, to keep Europe out of the world’s most destructive project. We have recently joined the London Mining Network, an alliance of human rights, environment and development groups, holding the mining industry to account.

We receive funding from a variety of sources, including Artists’ Project Earth, Network for Social Change, Lush, Tides Foundation, Fondation Pour une Terre Humaine and private donations. Our average grant-size is £4200.

To find out more, email us at [email protected].

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For media enquiries, call 07807 095669.

Our postal address is 16-17 Turl St, Oxford OX1 3DH; our office phone number is – 01865 264170.

The organisations we work with include:

Indigenous Environmental Network

Rising Tide UK


People & Planet

Council of Canadians


Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

London Mining Network

16-17 Turl St

Oxford OX1 3DH