Please Support UKTSN

Hey Dears,
We never do this but, UKTSN could really do with a wee bit of support right now. Its’ super hard to ask for funding as all our efforts and energy is with the people on the frontline in Dakota and getting support there. We have spent the past few months supporting indigenous individuals to get to Standing Rock, rather than going ourselves, supported with International media and co-organised solidarity and bank actions across the UK with friends and allies.
While we recognise the recent victory we want to continue to keep the pressure up on multiple fronts including the Kinder Morgan Pipeline in Canada, which was recently approved by PM Trudeau. We want to ensure we keep folks informed over the Christmas Break, keep the pressure on the banks to Defund DAPL and keep building a decolonised Environmental Justice movement.
We do a lot on love and fresh air but we could do with some support right now. A little goes along way, to make sure we can stay in skype credit, spray-glue, facebook boosts and coffee, even £5.00 would make massive difference to make sure we can prepare for Trump entering power on Jan 20th. Our international movement has never been more important than now.
Thanks to those of you who have supported so far, let’s make sure we keep it going! If you can’t give cash , share our link, give it a shout out on twitter or facebook, or forward this to someone who may be able to support.
Much Peace,
UKTSN and Friends x


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