Keep tar sands out of Europe


Sign this petition urging Nick Clegg to keep tar sands out of Europe.

Canada’s tar sands are the biggest energy project in the world. Already, millions of barrels of tar sands oil have been extracted from the Canadian wilderness, decimating the landscape and producing three to four times more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil extraction. Nearby First Nations communities are also being devastated by the loss of their traditional lands and access to food and medicine.

Although very little tar sands oil is currently flowing into Europe, large amounts of investment are already coming from European banks and corporations, and the tar sands industry has its eye on Europe as a major new customer for its dirty oil. Opening up Europe to tar sands would be a green light for more reckless expansion of this huge industry.

But there is hope. The EU is currently trying to pass a piece of legislation, the the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), to discourage the import of tar sands oil to Europe. This would effectively close off the world’s biggest market to this climate-wrecking and wilderness-destroying fuel, and set a precedent for other countries to do the same. Unfortunately this legislation is being threatened by aggressive lobbying from the tar sands industry and the Canadian government.

The choice Europe makes will be vital in determining the future of the world’s most destructive industry, and our ability to prevent climate disaster.

Join us in taking action to keep tar sands out of Europe.

Sign this petition urging Nick Clegg to support the FQD.


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Credit: David Dodge, Pembina Institute