Which future will you choose?

Dear friends,

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new interactive website today: “Two Energy Futures“! Bringing together the latest research, this infographic lays out two possible futures: one in which we continue to use fossil fuels, where inequality grows and catastrophic climate change is inevitable, and one in which we switch to currently available renewable technology and can provide enough power for everyone in the world to have a good quality of life.

Facebook infographicThis website shows that, despite what people tell you, we can power the world without fossil fuels. It provides the latest facts, figures, illustrations, explanations and detailed citations, making them all accessible so you will never lose an argument on this topic again! It also features an ‘action wall’, where people around the world can describe what they – you! – are already doing to work towards another future. Please take some time to explore the site, and share it with your friends.


In other news:

  • In Alberta, the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) have vowed to fight on, despite recent news that the Shell tar sands mine they have been opposing for over a year is one step closer to approval. We’ve written this blog post, sending our love and support to ACFN, and Rev Billyfeaturing the powerful video describing their battle against Shell. Have a look and send your support to ACFN!
  • You may have heard about a very worrying recent spill in Alberta that just won’t stop. This tar sands spill at Cold Lake, which began in June, is still spilling at various different points and the company and government have no idea what to do. Find out more from Greenpeace Canada.
  • Finally, if you are in London this weekend, don’t forget to check out Rev Billy (pictured right) and the Church of Stop Shopping. If you can, join him on a creative action to invade a climate-killing bank on Saturday 27th!

Love and sunshine,

Jess, Emily, Ruthi and Sue

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