WARNING! Tar sands coming to the UK

Dear friends,

This week we’ve been in Pembrokeshire launching a new report from UKTSN, Corporate Watch and Pembrokeshire Friends of the Earth, that illustrates the frightening possibility of increasing amounts of tar sands-derived fuel coming into the UK. The US company Valero recently purchased Pembroke Refinery in Wales and the company admits some of the oil it brings to the UK could be from the tar sands. Locals in Pembrokeshire are rightly outraged and have vowed to oppose the import of this dirty fuel.

In the next few weeks we have  not one but TWO exciting actions coming up and we would just love to have you there.

Sunday 18th November  The Reclaim Shakespeare Company season finale in the British Museum. Email [email protected] to find out more.

Tuesday 20th November   Down with Dirty Oil Diplomacy oil executives, bankers and dirty diplomats will be gathering at Canada House to plot and scheme about how to expand the tar sands industry and turn Canada into an energy superpower. Email us to get info about a meeting taking place tomorrow and for the theatrical types let us know if you want to star in a pop-up performance. Email [email protected].

Other events:

Thursday, November 22 The Oil Road: A Journey from the Caspian to the City  Oxford Hub, The Turl Street Kitchen,  16-17 Turl Street, OX1 3DH Oxford.

Tar Free Oxford is delighted to host Platform for an interactive workshop exploring how the drive to control oil reserves – and hence people and events – has shattered environments and shaped societies, and how we can change direction.


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