Tell Harper: we don’t want your dirty oil!

Stephen Harper will be in London next week, addressing Parliament, no less! You can be sure we are not going to miss the opportunity to show him how much we in the UK oppose his dirty tar sands. Please join us!!

When: Thursday 13th June, 11.15am
Where: Parliament Square, opposite Parliament, Westminster, London <- UPDATED
Why: to show Harper, as he drives past, that there is huge opposition to tar sands in the UK and he does not deserve the honour of addressing Parliament!
Bring: placards with your message to Harper. We are expecting a lot of interest from the Canadian media so please take the time to figure out what you want to say!

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3 Responses to “Tell Harper: we don’t want your dirty oil!”

  1. […] the big dog, the kingpin, the high sheriff. That’s right, all the way from Canada, it’s Steve ‘Oilman’ Harper. This man operates on a different level. All Harper needs is one straw and he’s able to drink […]

  2. Smarten up says:

    Why do we (Canadians) care what you think? You don’t want the oil but others do.

    The industry is highly regulated, supports economic growth, and provides a lot of tax revenues that supports social services.

    Also, please note that tar is a man made product derived from distillation of pine so your terminology is erroneous – should refer to oil sands or bitumen.

    I expect that you’ll delete this posting because it doesn’t agree with you

  3. B Traven says:

    I am a Canadian truly and deeply ashamed of my government. Our government has been hijacked by a criminal oilgarchy. Harper is like Sauron’s mouthpiece speaking for the Lords of canada’s Mordor.
    I am with you in spirit, together world wide protest will stop this massive carbon crime. And we hopefully will bring the carbon criminals before a yet to be set up Carbon Crimes Court just as the Nazis were brought before the War Crimes Court .

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