Tar sands coming to the UK…?

Dear Bitumen Blockaders,

We have some very scary news: tar sands oil, while currently entering Europe at a mere trickle, may start gushing here a lot faster, and a lot sooner than we thought! Don’t panic – well, maybe panic a bit – but there is still some time to stop this.

And the good news? Following the epic White House protests earlier in the month, Canadians are now speaking out against tar sands more loudly than ever. It is truly inspiring to see people from all walks of life – activists, members of impacted First Nations, scientists, doctors, actors, writers, lawyers and many others – all heading to Ottawa to fight this destructive industry together.

1. Tar Sands on fast track to the UK?
2. Ottawa Action – today!
3. H2Oil Screening in Oxford
4. UKTSN hot on the Prime Minister’s trail

Love and minor hysteria,

Sue, Emily and Jess

1. Tar Sands on fast track to the UK?!

US company Valero has announced to its shareholders the explicit intention of bringing diesel from the Gulf Coast to the UK, while taking European gasoline back to the US. Valero’s Gulf Coast refinery is right at the end of the proposed Keystone pipeline; this would deposit unrefined tar sands syncrude at Valero’s doorstep, ready to refine and ship here. This is yet another reason why the battle against the Keystone XL pipeline is so important right now! Valero has just recently invested in various bits of infrastructure in the UK, including a refinery in Pembroke, Wales, and a thousand Texaco-branded petrol stations. There’s also no stopping other companies making similar plans given the EU has not yet implemented any effective legislation to ban tar sands.

This is all explained in more detail (including ideas on how to stop it!) in a separate blog post.

2. Ottawa Action – today!

As we write this, our friends in Canada are gearing up for a mass mobilisation against tar sands. Endorsed by dozens of organisations and individuals, the Ottawa action will see hundreds of people converge on Parliament, sending a clear message that Canadians do not want to see their government propping up the tar sands industry. Send your love and support, and keep an eye out for press coverage of the action. See the Ottawa action website and facebook pages as well as updates on our twitter.

3. H2Oil Screening in Oxford

October’s monthly OARC screening will be H2Oil, an excellent introduction to the problems surrounding tar sands. If you or anyone you know is in Oxford on October 2nd, please come along. The film is a real eye-opener, and will be followed by a discussion hosted by UKTSN. More info here.

4. UKTSN hot on the Prime Minister’s trail

PM David Cameron last week visited Ottawa to both address parliament and meet privately with Canada’s PM Harper. Not prepared to let this opportunity slide, we quickly released a statement highlighting the many inappropriate ways Canada has been meddling with EU politics, while the UK, for its part, is complicit in helping Canada push its agenda. Our statement was picked up by the Globe & Mail, who gave a good report of our position on the matter.


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