TAKE ACTION: ask your MP to say NO to tar sands and support the Fuel Quality Directive

With the EU Fuel Quality Directive coming to a head, we need to put pressure on the UK government to ensure the FQD is effective at discouraging imports of high-emission fuels, including fuel derived from tar sands. We want the UK to support a measure to correctly label tar sands fuel as more polluting than conventional oil, a measure which is also supported by First Nations communities bearing the brunt of the associated local environmental destruction. YOUR help is very much needed, as we try to get MPs to sign this Early Day Motion. Please help us and email your MP, using this online tool – A few clicks is all it takes!

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One Response to “TAKE ACTION: ask your MP to say NO to tar sands and support the Fuel Quality Directive”

  1. Joanne Macinnes says:

    Dear Mr Salughter,
    I know you are terribly busy and I’m sure this issue is already on your radar and you have probably signed the fuel Quality. Directive. However, I want to bring to your attention an online Ted Talk by Gareth Lenz. It is is so utterly shocking exposing the unbelievable threat to us all caused by the mining of tar sands. It is crucial that we are all informed about the cost of it.

    Thanks for your great work.

    Joanne MacInnes

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