Haute Couture “Canadiana” Hats Designed for Kate Middleton on Visit to Canada

Will and Kate are visiting a much different Canada than when Di and Charles visited 20 years ago. The ‘Hats for Kate’ were commissioned for the royal couple, who are in Canada on their first official trip abroad, to welcome them with a taste of Canadian culture and to show how much Canada has changed since Will’s childhood visit. Canada used to be known for its obsession with hockey, its leadership in international peacekeeping, and of course for just being plain nice.

But now Canada is becoming better known for producing tar sands, the dirtiest oil on earth, and interfering in international efforts, such as the EU Fuel Quality Directive, to put in place rules to tackle global warming.

The U.K. faces a real choice regarding Canada: it can show leadership within the EU by supporting efforts to reduce fuels with higher carbon pollution like the tar sands, or it can allow itself to be bullied by Canada.

Please take a moment to send a letter to the UK Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department of Transport, Norman Baker, urging him to support strong action by the EU to reduce the carbon in fuels.
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