Shell-shocked at AGM

At Shell’s AGM the company was hit with an unprecedented amount of criticism from all fronts, as investors, campaigners and activists grilled Shell over its reckless behaviour around the globe.

Our press release is here. Below are some other write-ups of the day:

Mainstream media:
Shell defends pay and plans for Arctic- Financial Times
Reposted in Globe and Mail

Blog posts:

Photos Shell Oil Protest Underway at The Hague May 22, 2012
Censored News
While most news reporters in the US and Canada were sleeping today, a delegation of First Nations and Inupiat confronted Shell at their annual general meeting at The Hague, with simultaneous protests at the Shell general meeting in London
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Spectre of Shell Reapers hangs over AGM
Rikki Indymedia and London Rising Tide
At today’s Shell AGM link at the Barbican the suits on the Shell board were given a 3 hour grilling, with questioners focussing attention on its environmental and human rights crimes around the world. Spread throughout the auditorium, hooded London Rising Tide & friends’ grim Shell reapers stood silently awaiting direction from the board toward their next appointment with Shell induced death and environmental destruction.
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Holding Shell to account at the AGM
James Marriott, Platform
Just returning from the Shell AGM in Den Haag, Holland feeling inspired and energised by the passion and courage of all those that worked to hold the board of the company to account – both in the Dutch meeting and in the parallel event (linked by video) in the Barbican in London.
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The AGM Spring: Get The Shell In!
Rodric McGregor
– “Is Shell working with the League of Cockroaches to take down humans?*”
– “…”
They didn’t deny it. Either Shell weren’t prepared for such a biting question or the League of Cockroaches PR team is better than we thought. I’m leaning towards option B. Those crafty, crafty cockroaches.
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