Sewing Solidarity Across the Pond!

Hi Solidarity Stitchers!

Last Tuesday we held an action outside the Canada Europe Energy Roundtable, with the banner that we have been crafting over the past few weeks. The message made it across the Atlantic loud and clear to all the people we stand in solidarity with, who are resisting tar sands at the source and along the pipelines.

Over the past few weeks we have been working with so many new people from all parts of our network – those who are in the climate justice movement, the peace movement, and artists and social sculptors, to make this action happen. We connected up with Co-Resist in Bristol to hold a storytelling workshop where we heard more from Sue about what happened at the Healing Walk and to open up a space to explore our ideas about resistance while we cut and sewed.  We would love to hold more spaces for reflection about what is happening in Canada and to stop and think about how we feel and think about resistance. Are there things that we need to continue to build together to support how we work? Are there other forms of activism we need to see to make our spaces more inclusive? Get in touch if you want to co-explore this further.

This week has seen an incredible amount of resistance shaping up on Burnaby Mountain, as First Nations communities and allies took a stand against the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. There were a number of arrests; however they have now been overturned! We will make sure that we keep twitter and facebook full of updates for you. Also, be sure to check out this guest blog we have been co-writing this past week.

Sewing Solidarity,

Sue, Rhia, Amanda and Danny

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