Olympics slammed over BP sponsorship

Dear Brilliant People,

Did you know BP is ‘Sustainability Partner’ of the London 2012 Olympics?! It’s Beyond Parody. Now that we’ve recovered from the shock (which took a while) we’ve joined with a large posse of amazing folk to express our outrage. It’s in today’s Guardian! More below.

Meanwhile, two of the current biggest tar sands battles in the world have had a rollercoaster week. US Senators are trying to resurrect the Keystone XL pipeline, which President Obama rejected only a couple of weeks ago, so our friends across the pond mobilised 800,000 signatures against this in just 24 hours. Incredible!

But it doesn’t stop there. The EU is finally going to vote on whether to put tar sands into the Fuel Quality Directive. Next week. More on that below including a really important action you can take.

  1. Olympics slammed over BP sponsorship
  2. Stop the oil orgy! EU vote next week
  3. International Stop the Tar Sands Day
  4. Thank you!!

Love not shady sponsorship deals,

Jess, Sue and Emily


1. Olympics slammed over BP sponsorship
Today, we sent an open letter to the organisers of the London 2012 Olympics, raising a wide range of concerns about BP’s sponsorship. We’re really excited about how many others signed the letter along with us – NGOs, indigenous organisations, Gulf Coast residents, academics, activists, even a London Assembly member!

So the gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down. How will the Olympic organisers respond? We’ll keep you posted…

2. Stop the oil orgy! EU vote next week
On February 23rd (next week!) the Fuel Quality Directive will finally be voted on in the European Union. Canada has been engaged in an unprecedented lobby blitz to undermine the Directive, and put the interests of Big Oil ahead of effective climate policy. And they have persuaded the UK to take their side. So on Valentine’s Day, Oxford shoppers were treated to a sultry and sticky ‘oil orgy’ street performance  to protest this inappropriate and seedy relationship. Massive props to the Lush crew for giving it their all.

The vote next week really could go either way, so please put pressure on Nick Clegg and Norman Baker to stop sabotaging the EU’s attempts to label tar sands as dirty fuel, with this e-action from People & Planet.

Also, our original ‘oil orgy’ at the Canada-Europe Energy Roundtable last autumn got another airing last night – in a documentary put together by Leah Borromeo on Channel 4’s Random Acts!

3. International Stop the Tar Sands Day
Last International Stop the Tar Sands Day (ISTSD) saw over 50 actions take place around the world, with London folk putting on a colourful spectacle outside the Canadian High Commission. This year the day has been announced for May 5th, and the UK branch of ISTSD needs a new coordinator, which could be you – or you and a group of your friends. If you’re interested in helping make this event even bigger and better than last year, email [email protected]. You’ll have plenty of support from other organisers in the EU as well as us here at UKTSN. You can also keep up to date with plans in the ISTSD facebook group.

4. Thank you!!
At the end of last year we asked if people could throw a little cash our way and we were overwhelmed by your generosity! So a big thank you to everyone that has given us money – and also to all of those tirelessly lobbying, tweeting, turning up to actions and taking off their clothes for the cause.

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