Multiple protests greet Canadian PM in London

Dear friends,

This week, Stephen Harper was in town. As Canadian Prime Minister, he has done more than anyone else to champion the interests of the tar sands industry; trashing environmental regulation, trampling over indigenous rights, undermining international climate negotiations and muzzling scientists who stand in his way. He had come to London with the aim of killing off the EU Fuel Quality Directive before it can label tar sands oil as highly polluting. Well, we weren’t having that…

Harper was met by not one, not two, but three protests! Thirty organisations from both sides of the Atlantic joined together for a mass ‘you’re-not-welcome’ party on his route. Three activists climbed onto the roof of Parliament, wearing ‘Shut down the tar sands’ and ‘Stop Harper’ t-shirts’. And two women blocked the gates to where he was speaking, spilling “oil” and raising their voices in protest. As Harper stood up to make his speech, they could be heard before the door slammed shut.

These protests got all over the Canadian media. They made national TV and all the newspapers. On the same day, 6 MPs tabled an Early Day Motion calling on the UK government to support the FQD and keep tar sands out of Europe.

Read the full story – including links to press coverage and photos.

Watch the film.

On Thursday, we stood in solidarity with all those resisting the tar sands in North America, and our message was heard loud and clear in both London and Canada. Now we need you to get involved:

1. Watch and share the film – spread the word that this movement is powerful, eloquent and unstoppable

2. Ask your MP to sign the Early Day Motion on tar sands and the Fuel Quality Directive

3. Donate. Stopping climate criminals costs money. Every penny you give us will be used to kick the tar sands industry’s ass!

Thank you, everyone, for helping us Stop Harper.

Jess, Sue, Emily and Ruthi



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