Lush get messy, we get active

Dear molasses-messers,

This week we have been mainly trying to keep tar sands oil out of Europe. You can help!

1. Lush launch campaign in sticky style

Last Thursday saw every Lush shop across the UK launch a tar sands campaign by covering a member of staff in molasses! The stunningly sticky stunts have got the campaign onto at least three local front pages, and gained a wealth of media coverage across the UK. Amazing!!! Here’s an example.

Lush are asking people who come into their shops to sign a postcard to their MEPs, to keep tar sands oil out of Europe. Find out more about the campaign here. They have also created a special molasses-based shower gel, called ‘Sweet and Shower’. Some of the money raised will come to the UK Tar Sands Network, so please visit your local shop, sign the postcard and buy the gloriously gloopy gel. We promise to use the money to kick even more ass!

And while we’re on the topic, here’s a great little film that Lush made about us:

2. New e-action!

The lovely folk at have created an e-action for us, so now you can email all your MEPs (we each have several, lucky us) and ask them to take action on CETA – the Canada-EU free trade agreement currently being negotiated – to make sure it doesn’t increase Europe’s involvement in the dirty tar sands industry. Find out more about CETA and the tar sands here, and take action!

Pressure on MEPs is crucial right now. Europe could be on the verge of banning tar sands, but it’s by no means a done deal, and meanwhile, the trade negotiations are speeding ahead.

3. BP in trouble for basing its business model on the end of the world

We’re also very busy gearing up for the BP AGM in April. More about that soon, but meanwhile, the fantastic activist lawyers at Client Earth have made a formal complaint about the fact that BP is basing its rationale for going into the tar sands and drilling in the Arctic on a future scenario that involves temperature rises of 6 degrees and the end of life as we know it. Busted!

Love and a multitude of molassesy showers,

Sue, Jess and Emily

P.s. Reminder – Please join us on 19th March for a shareholder activism training day. Check it out on Facebook! It will feature a planning session for the BP AGM.  There are still spaces and we would love to see you there! RSVP to [email protected] or 020 7403 7800.

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