Fossil Free-dom Fighters Join in Solidarity

Dear Fossil Free-dom Fighters,

Crystal Lameman from the Beaver Lake Cree Nation and I are writing to you from the road with the fine People and Planet folks. We have been meeting with students, climate justice activists and friends to talk about how we can deepen the links of the amazing Divestment movement with frontline resistance to devastating energy extraction at the source.

Fossil Fuel companies are wreaking havoc on the lands of First Nations communities in Canada and since 2010 we have been speaking truth to corporate power at the BP Annual General Meeting. 5 years ago, just days after that meeting the Gulf was devastated by the biggest offshore spill in history as a BP well exploded. Since then we have been working with folks in the Gulf united to raise our voices at the BP AGM and this year we will join forces again! We hope to see all of you taking action to get companies to divest from fossil fuels support us in elevating frontline voices.

We also joined forces with Naomi Klein, Bill Mckibben and incredible frontline activists to write the story of the resistance to tar sands expansion so far, we have some copies fresh off the press for you.

Peace and power to ya!

Sue and Crystal

See below for our action station – what can you do to get involved !

1. For those of you at home please support this Beaver Lake Cree Grrrowd funder for the landmark court case to challenge the expansion of tar sands.

2. Support our BP AGM intervention

Weds, April 15th – 6:00pm – 10:00pm – Hamilton House, Bristol – action preparation 

Weds, April 15t Event in LONDON – Community speakers from Gulf Coast and Tar Sands – Human Rights Consortium Senate House, Room 349

Thurs, April 16th – 10:00 am – Excel Centre, London, BP AGM action.


3. Get your read on! Buy a copy of “A Line in the Tar Sands” email us at [email protected] with your address and we can send you a copy, all the money supports the Beaver Lake Cree.  If you want to support a book sale let us know too 🙂



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