Climate Week, and big BP and RBS events

Dear Greenwash Guerrillas,

We’re very excited to be able to invite you along to two major events as part of our First Nations speaker’s tour in April. If you only come to one tar sands event this year, make it one of these! But first, a word about someone else’s sponsors…

1.  Climate Week ‘tar’-getted over RBS sponsorship

2.  BP meeting and plans for the AGM

3.  RBS and the ‘People’s AGM’

Love and sunshine,

Sue, Jess and Emily

1.  Climate Week ‘tar’-getted over RBS sponsorship

On Monday we, and some like-minded friends, turned up at the launch of RBS-sponsored Climate Week. We were there to warn people about the dangerously high levels of greenwash spewing from the plush venue. We flyered every single person who attended the event (apart from a few grumpy folk who wouldn’t take one), talked to many about our concerns with RBS, and did some singing and dancing.

Our protest – and a report released by Platform on the same day that found that, since being bailed out by taxpayers, RBS has financed £8 billion (!) of coal investments – meant that RBS’s dirty portfolio is now firmly back in the public eye.

You can read the whole story here: Climate Week ‘Tar’-Getted by Anti Greenwash Protest

2.  BP meeting and plans for the AGM

We would like to invite you to ‘Calling BP to account – Tar Sands, Deepwater Horizon and beyond…’ This event, part of our First Nations’ speaker tour, will take place on 12th April 2011, 7pm, at Rich Mix in London, just before BP’s AGM on the 14th. It will bring together a diverse coalition of individuals and organisations who are working together to call BP to account for the social and environmental impacts of their activities around the world. Join First Nations from Canada, fishermen and women from the Gulf of Mexico, shareholders, NGOs, lawyers and activists for an evening of information sharing and strategising. It should be an amazing event!

More information here. Please please please RSVP to [email protected] so we know how many people are coming. Check out the Facebook event and invite people along!

Also, we need more people to help with our presence outside the BP AGM on the 14th. If you’re able to come to the Excel Centre in London Docklands for a couple of hours around 10ish on Thursday 14th April, please let us know!

3.  RBS and the ‘People’s AGM’

After we’ve hit BP’s AGM we’re travelling with our First Nations friends up to Scotland for RBS’s AGM on the 19th April. The evening before (Monday 18th), there will be an alternative ‘People’s AGM’ in Edinburgh with an opportunity to hear from the First Nations representatives directly about the terrible impact of RBS’s investments. The event is being organised by WDM Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland, People & Planet and SEAD.

Email us at [email protected] for more information, or keep an eye on our website and we will post details when they become available, as well as details of other events happening as part of the tour.

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