Call to Action: Stand with Beaver Lake Cree!

December 10th – International day of solidarity with the first people of Canada in opposition to Bill C-45 and the Beaver Lake Cree Nation’s lawsuit against the Government of Canada in relation to industry, development, and thousands of treaty violations.

Activist Interview with Crystal Lameman from Nobel Women’s Initiative on Vimeo.

On December 10th we hope you can stand with the Beaver Lake Cree as they go to court in a historic battle with the Canadian government to stop the on-going destruction of their lands and to stop the expansion of the tar sands.

“The Beaver Lake Cree have set historical precedence because for the first time in Canada’s judicial system First Nations people are given the green light in litigation against the massive level of industrial development – this includes the tar sands activity within the Beaver Lake Cree Traditional territory. The lawsuit is based on the collective effects these activities are having on the Constitutionally protected Treaty Rights of the First Nations people. This is your day to join us in solidarity!” – Crystal Lameman, Grassroots member of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation

As Canada’s environmental legislation continues to be eroded by the Canadian government, legal challenges by First Nations communities are of paramount importance in trying to stop the relentless expansion of the tar sands.  Bill C-45, which was passed this week, despite major opposition from First Nations, is designed to short-circuit parliamentary discussion of major legislative changes that would significantly reduce opportunities for public consultation on new tar sands projects.  The bill also makes changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which remove thousands of lakes and streams from federal protection under that law.

“As we all know the government and numerous corporations have been overriding and ignoring our basic human rights through policies, legislation and industry activities for profit. The government and industries have been failing to implement the United Nations Declaration Rights of Indigenous People. They have also been ignoring and pacifying the need to be responsible and live as one with Mother Earth.” – Idle No More


Print off this image below, or click on the image and take a picture of yourself standing next to the screen to show your solidarity with the Beaver Lake Cree Nation! We look forward to hearing about any other amazing solidarity actions that take place.

Post your pictures HERE and let people in Canada that you stand with them as they stand up for their rights to say no to development on their traditional territory.


5 Responses to “Call to Action: Stand with Beaver Lake Cree!”

  1. Tom Latter says:

    I stand with Beaver lake Cree nation to try and prevent further destruction.

  2. jan jackson says:

    I stand with Beaver Lake Cree Nation to try to prevent further destruction

  3. […] for a more pointed reason. The march halted here in solidarity with the Beaver Lake Cree’s internationally supported legal action against Tar Sands activity on Treaty 6 land. The Beaver Lake Cree have set historical […]

  4. Jodie St Jean says:

    I stand with all indigenous peoples to protect their land and our environment.

  5. We stand with Crystal Lameman and support all indigenous people of Alberta.

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