Building Solidarity and Blockading Summits

Dear Tar-Stoppers,

The Beaver Lake Cree Nation will be heading into court next Monday December 10th in a historic lawsuit to challenge tar sands development on their traditional territory.  The grassroots community in Beaver Lake have have made a call out for solidarity actions on the day. Find out more about the case and a simple online action you can take part in and share online.

If you haven’t already heard – last week we made a return to Canada House in Trafalgar Square to blockade the Canada Europe Summit with an ‘oil-orgy’ intervention. Take a look at some of the great images and a short film from the day here!

In other news:

  • On Saturday, tar stoppers built a fake pipeline from the US embassy to the Canadian embassy at the start of the National Climate March against tar sands and fracking.
  • Meanwhile in the US the fight to stop pipelines saw a hunger strike from our friends at Code Pink launched against Valero, who have committed to buying 75% of the tar sands that are pumped through the Keystone XL and plan to refine tar sands in the UK.
  • Today we will be joining our friends Liberate Tate, Art Not Oil to participate in a group audio tour about the oil sponsorship of the arts,  before they go to raise questions at the Tate Members’ Annual General Meeting.

Talk to you all again soon,

Sue, Emily, Jess and Ruthi


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