A visit to the Cabinet Office

Hi friends,

On Monday we paid a visit to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s office to hand in a petition with nearly 4,000 signatures, urging the government to support the inclusion of tar sands in the EU Fuel Quality Directive. We’d teamed up with a number of people from different groups, including Eleanor who had travelled all the way from Pembrokeshire, where her community is campaigning against refining company Valero’s plans to import sands oil to wales. you can watch the film here. The Pembrokeshire media also covered the issue.

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about the Fuel Quality Directive in the next few months. If you thought we’d already been through this before, you’d be right – last year we celebrated the last-minute change of heart from the UK government to abstain rather than oppose the FQD. This year we’re aiming to get the UK to vote in favour – and we’ll be asking for your help in coming months. You can also be involved if you are in France, Germany or Italy, where we have set up petitions to their Environment Ministers.

This legislation would not just keep tar sands out of Europe. It is also key to halting the rapid expansion plans of the industry, to setting a precedent for other countries to say no to tar sands, and to stopping tar sands industries springing up in other parts of the world.

In other news, we are looking for a web/graphics whiz to design an interactive infographic for us. (Yes we can pay you!) Find out more here.

Stay warm!

Sue, Emily, Philippa, Jess and Ruthi


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