A New Minister, A New Opportunity!

Dear Tar-Free Warriors,

We were very happy to be joined by George Poitras from the community of Fort Chipewyan two weeks ago, who worked hard to keep EU ministers focused on the urgency of pushing forward on the Fuel Quality Directive. Now things are stirring up for the campaign with a new minister for us to focus on in the UK. Also, as new communities take a stand to declare themselves tar free zones it is incredible to see this next wave of solidarity emerging in our local councils! Keep up the amazing work!

Sue, Jess, Emily and Ruthi


Some advice for the new minister for tar sands

Last week, there was a government reshuffle, and the minister responsible for the UK’s position on the EU Fuel Quality Directive changed. Gone was our old sparring partner Norman Baker. Now the task lies with the Lib Dems’ new Minister of State for Transport, Baroness Kramer.

The change in personnel comes at a make-or-break-moment. Either the FQD will soon be implemented, sending a hugely important message that there is no place for dirty tar sands oil in Europe’s fuel mix, or the whole process will collapse under the influence of strong-arm tactics
from the Canadians and the oil industry and wavering commitment to genuine emissions reductions from Commissioners and EU member states. It really could go either way.

We have″>three important pieces of advice for the new minister. We hope she takes them.

UK moving to becoming Tar Free Zone!

The Tar-Free Towns campaign continues to make progress – the UK’s second tar-free zone was declared by Corby County Council just under a month ago! With the FQD soon coming to a head it is now even more urgent than before to have on-the-ground resistance to tar sands imports into the EU.

Join us in showing the UK government and the oil industry that tar sands oil is not welcome in our communities! Please email [email protected], if you want help starting your own Tar-Free group.

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