Calling all Foreign Radicals!

Dear Tar Troopers,

This week has seen an incredible wave of resistance from indigenous communities speaking out against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline in Canada. Leaked documents have shown that the Harper government is responding by fighting dirty, and is blaming ‘foreign radicals’ for the terrible reputation the tar sands has got. Are you a foreign radical? If so, we want you to get more involved in the UK Tar Sands Network! Find out more below…

  1. Enbridge hearings and Enemies of the State
  2. Spread the resistance: become a Tar-Free Town
  3. Join our team!
  4. Solidarity action with the Beaver Lake Cree

See you on the frontlines,

Sue, Emily & Jess

1. Enbridge hearings and Enemies of the State

Since Obama gave Harper the cold shoulder last week on plans to send tar sands oil to the Gulf of Mexico via the Keystone XL Pipeline, all eyes have been on British Columbia. Public hearings are currently taking place on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, which will decide if tar sands oil will be pumped all the way through the vulnerable ecosystem of North-West Canada, then shipped in massive tankers across some of the roughest waters, to China. This monster project has united indigenous communities, local residents and environmentalists in opposition, and caused Joe Oliver, Canada’s Natural Resources Minister, to come out all guns blazing, accusing ‘foreign radicals’ of interfering in the hearings.

Yesterday, leaked government documents revealed that the Canadian government has declared First Nations, green groups and local and European media as ‘enemies of the state‘. Despite all this intimidation, First Nations communities are standing strong. 61 indigenous nations have signed onto the Save the Fraser Declaration opposing the pipeline, and are voicing their concerns proud and clear at the hearings. Stay tuned for updates on twitter and facebook!

2. Spread the resistance: become a Tar-Free Town

Whilst the battle rages in Canada, we have an increasingly important part to play. The work we have been doing in the UK has been instrumental in drawing international attention to the devious deeds of the Canadian Petrocracy and to amplify the concerns of impacted communities. We want to continue to build this tar-free community of transatlantic solidarity. We are working with green groups, student groups and transition communities around the UK to become ‘Tar-Free Towns’. If you or your local group wants to help keep the tar monster from spreading and stand in solidarity with people resisting the world’s dirtiest fuel on the frontlines, contact us and get involved. To find out more take a look at our shiny Tar-Free Towns website, share it around, see what has already been happening and get inspired about what you can do! We would love to come and run a workshop with you so get in touch at

3. Join our team!

Back at the ranch, the UKTSN family is growing! We are looking for a volunteer to join our small but feisty team. If you’re really passionate about taking on big oil, working in solidarity with communities and pulling off creative, audacious interventions, we might be just what you’ve been looking for! If you know someone who might be interested, please share our ad with them and please fling it around your networks.

4. Solidarity action with the Beaver Lake Cree

On another front, the Beaver Lake Cree’s court case against the Canadian government for repeated infringements of their Treaty Rights has reached a crucial point. To coincide with a hearing at which the Canadian government will attempt to kill off the case, People & Planet will be throwing down some street theatre outside the Canadian High Commission on Monday 30th January @ 11am. If you want to play a part email or join them there on the day!

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  2. Anna says:

    Thanks for campaigning against the tar sands. Please add the poisoning of the wolves which comes as a surprise to us. These things are happening, all in the wake of a terrible government which puts oil industry first.

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